REGGIANA RIDUTTORI is an International Company specializing in the research, design and development of power transmission systems dedicated towards applications in the heavy industrial, agricultural, marine and mobile sectors.
For 40 years REGGIANA RIDUTTORI has been one of the Market Leaders in developing PLANETARY REDUCTION GEARS, HELICAL AND BEVEL HELICAL GEARS, WHEEL GEARS, NEGATIVE DISC BRAKES and related accessories.
Our gearboxes are capable of transmitting torque ranging from 650 to 4,300,000 Nm and are available in ratio's of 3.4:1 to over 2500:1.
The Manufacturing Facility is located at our Headquarters in RR Italy. Our high quality standards and reliability are unmatched within our industry because of our commitment to excellence, the high technology processes we have in place and our advanced production procedures.
REGGIANA RIDUTTORI Quality Management Systems is DNV certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Through our extensive network of localized subsidiaries and distributors we are able to provide technical and commercial support to our customers in a timely manner while marketing and promoting strategies of REGGIANA RIDUTTORI products.


In 1965 Mr. Franco Albarelli's family opened a small mechanical laboratory in Reggio Emilia, Italy named O.M.I. (Officina Meccanica Ingranaggi /Mechanical Gears Workshop), for the manufacturing of gears.
Mr. Albarelli's initiative, determination and foresight for O.M.I. to be successful in the mechanical field allowed him to launch O.M.I. Reggiana Riduttori in 1971 in San Polo d'Enza where the first planetary reduction gearbox prototypes were founded.
In 1973 Reggiana Riduttori srl was formed as it is currently known, and with it, the production lines for the first series of planetary reduction gearboxes.
Reggiana Riduttori srl with the co-operation of the market leaders of the European fluid power industry established the company's most important business contracts in 1975.
Between 1992 and 1995 RR Holland, RR Brazil and RR USA were inaugurated to serve the local markets. With the tragic and untimely passing of his father Mr. Franco Albarelli in 1997, Mr. Giannicola Albarelli with a heavy heart moved Reggiana Riduttori forward creating a new organization.
In 2001 Reggiana Riduttori began a series of important investments to help increase the facilities production areas while simultaneously raising the standard of quality.

Between 2001 and 2008 Reggiana Riduttori, continued its growth and evolution by opening new wholly owned subsidiaries in France, Canada and Australia and renewing the production facility in Slovakia.
In September of 2008 RR expanded the Enza Valley location by adding a brand new building named RR2 which was built near the historical central office and equipped with the most modern technology and machinery.
Upon completion the RR2 building significantly increased the capacity of technical services, research and development, and assembly lines, while also improving the stocking efficiency with a fully automated stock management system.
Continuing his father's vision proudly, Ing. Giannicola Albarelli has demonstrated, through a strong business acumen and determination the ability to succeed amid even the most difficult market challenges. Because of these attributes and the highly qualified and dedicated personnel of, Reggiana Riduttori, we continue to grow and pursue positive development in all aspects of our business.

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